How to Maximize Your Home Appraisal Value

How to maximize your home appraisal value

When it comes to selling or refinancing your home, you need to maximize your home appraisal value in order to make the selling process all worth it! We all want our homes to come at the highest possible value — I mean, we all know how much our homes should be worth and how much we’ve invested into buying, remodeling, upgrading, and making our homes uniquely ours. That being said, at the end of the day, the number that matters is the number that the appraiser comes up with after inspecting your home. If you want to maximize your home appraisal value, try these tips from elka Interiors & Construction.

Clean and Paint

Presenting your home in the best light when it is being appraised may seem obvious. A house that looks old, worn down, and lived in won’t appeal to potential home buyers. Instead of jumping at the opportunity to move in, they will only be thinking about how much they will spend on redoing the house.

It is important to understand how home buyers think and perceive the way that your home looks. If the house looks and feels old, they might start to wonder what else is wrong in the home that they would have to repair.

An easy way around this thought process is to deep clean your home inside and out and give it a fresh coat of paint.

When you deep clean your house, make sure to sweep, mop, polish, vacuum, and shampoo every surface in your home. You should also pressure wash the outside of your home, including the garage door and driveway.

If needed, you should also invest in painting walls, garage doors, and doors. This will add so much curb appeal to your home that potential buyers will feel like they are walking into a new home.

Update Amenities and Modernize Your Home

You may or may not sell your home with the amenities included. Ultimately, that’s up to you and the potential home buyer, but having an upgraded home that looks and feels modern will increase the value of your appraisal. Potential homebuyers may love the way you updated your bathroom. 

It may seem counterintuitive to remodel your home before you sell it, but investing some time and money in modernizing key areas of your home can increase its value so much that you’d be crazy not to do it. If your budget is limited, focus on updating the kitchen and the bathrooms. Those rooms are the spaces in your home that get the most attention from potential home buyers.

Replace the Carpet

In the spirit of modernizing and updating your home, replacing the carpet can do wonders for bringing in larger appraisal values. Carpets can have years worth of dirt, stains, pet odors, and urine in them, making your entire home smell bad. On top of that, depending on how old your home is, the style of carpet in your home can be incredibly out of style.

Replacing the carpet in your home with new carpet or other flooring materials like wood, laminate, and vinyl can increase the value of your home tremendously.