Creative Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Creative Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring is finally in full swing, and that means spring cleaning awaits! Spring is a season that signifies rejuvenation and a fresh start, so what better way to start with our homes? From dusting and sanitizing to decluttering and organizing, spring cleaning is a great way to begin a fun new season while feeling restored right in our living space. Try these creative ways to Spring Clean your home from elka Interiors & Construction to get into the groove of spring cleaning this time of year!

Tips for Detoxing Out Your Home

#1 Start with a Plan

It’s always a good idea to have a game plan or specific goals you want to achieve. Do you want to organize more, or do you want to focus on deep cleaning? If it’s one or the other (or both!), think of which rooms or areas of the house you want to tackle first. Remember, it’s always easier to organize and declutter first and then clean afterward.

#2 The Four-Box Method

The Four-Box method is a great way to stay organized and on track while decluttering or cleaning. This system is simple and can be a big help! The first box is dedicated to donating or selling, the second box for trash, the third box for items that need storage, and the fourth box are for articles that need to be put away in their designated location. If it helps, even more, label these boxes for each room that you execute.

#3 Get Creative with Organizing

There are so many ways to be creative when organizing. From using labels, shelves, dividers, and more, organize your space to how you can understand and function best. There’s no right or wrong way to organize because just as long as you know where everything is, is all that matters. Obviously, this is your living space, so organize how you, please!

#4 Utilized UInused Space

If you live in a sizable home, you probably have unused areas that can be put to good use! Just like tip #3, get creative with it and transform these areas into a space that can be of good help. Have lots of space in the garage? Transform it into an extra storage space with organized shelving. Do you have a spare cabinet that’s just collecting dust? Add a few storage dividers to store more items.

#5 Get the Family Involved

If there’s a lot of spring cleaning to do, why not get the whole family involved to do their part? But don’t make it seem like a chore, turn it into something fun for everyone to do together. Turn up some fun music, lay out a few snacks and drinks, and get organized together! You can also create a kid-friendly space to keep your home clean from toys in the future!

#6 Celebrate Afterward

Cleaning and organizing take a lot of time, patience, and energy! And with that being said, don’t forget to reward yourself and the family for all the hard work done. Spring cleaning is definitely an accomplishment, and there’s no doubt that you’ll feel refreshed after seeing your home clean and orderly.