How to Love Your Home Again

How to Love Your Home Again

Sometimes we can feel uninspired and tiresome with the home we once loved so dearly. But like any other aspect of life, change is definitely healthy, especially in the space we live in. Our home should reflect our lifestyle, and home should feel like– well, home. Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to switch things up, feel refreshed, and love your home again! If you don’t know where to start or just need a few ideas, read on for elka Interior’s top six tips to loving your home just as much as before.

Top 6 Tips for Loving Your Home Again

1. Declutter and organize

It can be really easy to lose interest in your home if it’s bombarded with unwanted junk and messy areas. If you haven’t done your spring cleaning, it’s better late than never! Don’t expect to clean out your entire house in a day (unless you’re a small apartment), so take each room day by day. It also helps to stay organized during this process with boxes labeled with a donation, throw out, and storage.

2. New paint

Trying out a new paint color can definitely transform a space! Consider a new splash of color to your home to give it more dimension and life. You don’t have to paint your home entirely, but a few accent walls or areas will do just the job. If you’re afraid of new colors, try a neutral tone that can complement your home’s decor all year round.

3. Add a new scent

When in doubt, transform your atmosphere with a scent you love! Burn a new candle or use a fresh wall plug-in to give your home an exciting aroma whenever you come home. You’ll definitely feel a difference when there’s an inviting fragrance you’re comfortable with.

4. Rearrange

We can get bored with the same old arrangement of furniture in our homes. Switch things up by adjusting or moving around rugs and furniture to something new and different. It’s always a new feeling when you get a new perspective once in a while.

5. Decor and plants

Oh, how the power of decor and house plants can do to any home! There are so many options for home decor and how we place them. If your home doesn’t already, start with a type of theme or style you want your home to reflect. Is it rustic? Industrial? Once you’ve come up with colors and textures that you love, it’ll make it a lot easier to choose and rearrange decor.

6. Personalize

If you’re not the type to go all out with decor and design aesthetics, personalize! You can’t go wrong with hanging picture frames of your friends and family members around the house. You can also hang up your favorite quotes and sayings in different areas of your home as well. When you have guests over, these could be great conversation starters and show off the people and things you love.