Home Remodel San Diego

Sometimes homes are perfect on paper. Incredible location, great square footage, from the outside it shows character. All of which draw prospective home buyers into the home to see it for themselves. When they arrive though, they are unimpressed with outdated amenities and appliances. In turn, they make an offer that comes in below your asking price, if at all. When this occurs, you know that it’s time for a home remodel.

Home Remodel San Diego:

We’re committed to elevating homes to meet and exceed their true potential. When home staging isn’t enough, it’s time for new floors, new countertops, and new bathroom fixtures to maximize your home’s potential. If your goal is to sell your home quickly for an offer that comes in above your asking price, then Elka Interiors should be your first call. Our home remodeling services are exactly what you need in order to make your San Diego home look more incredible than ever before.

Bring New Life Into Your Home

Think of your home, apartment, or building as a living breathing object that needs routine tender love and care in order to maintain its value and appeal. When neglected for any period of time, homes can quickly become outdated or run-down. This is when you need the home remodeling team at Elka Interiors to come in and give your property a life that will bring new life into your home.

Adding a modern look and feel to your home can increase the value of your home whether you are in the market to rent, sell, or simply want your home to reflect every aspect of modern times. Elka Interiors is the right choice for you.

Home Remodel and Renovations

Older homes have character which is something that new-builds will never have. If you can capitalize on this character, you will be able to offer prospective home buyers something that nobody else will. That’s why Elka Interiors approaches home remodeling and home restoration projects with a level of care that will restore your home to its former glory or update it to reflect the feature that the modern homebuyer seeks. From remodeling kitchens to bathrooms, and everything in between, our team of interior designers have you covered.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home. It’s one of the first areas that people notice when they walk into your home. Kitchens are used daily for cooking and occasionally for entertaining guests. Because of this, kitchens need to be presentable, inviting, and feature all of the modern finishings that the homebuyers love.
Outdated kitchens tend to be compact, closed in, and look dated whereas modern kitchens feature more open layouts. Whatever your desire is, Elka Interiors can transform your home to reflect your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most important area of a home when it comes to comfort and practicality. Having a beautiful bathroom can make or break a home. Let us remodel your bathroom from top to bottom to include every single feature that will transform dull bathrooms into the lavish spa-like space that you have always wanted.