How to Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

How to Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

Let’s face it, living with little ones can make even the nicest home hard to maintain. While many homes may not be designed with kids in mind, they very well should be. If you’re a new parent looking for ways to childproof your home, or in need of some creative ideas to transform spaces in the house, check out these fun ways to make your home kid-friendly. Not only are these age-appropriate, but they are a fun way to make kids feel at home in different areas of the house.

Whether your kid has come home from school, on summer break, waking up early, or with friends in the home, these are Elka Interior’s creative ways to make your home kid-friendly that make even of adults want to stop what they are doing and play.

Living Room Play Area

The best way to really make your home kid-friendly is by investing in rounded furniture. If you know that the majority of the time will be spent in the living room, it might be best minimizing the number of corners your child can bump into.

Add colorful rugs to help with zoning or carve out cushy corners with a pouf and storage bins. Poufs help create that cozy feel your child will love.

Reading Nooks

It’s easy to throw some pillows on the floor, a few books in the corner, and call it a reading nook. Boring. Your kids will foster a love for books and reading with a transformed space in the home dedicated to this practice. There are a few ways to go about creating a fun reading nook. One way would be to transform a closet into a reading clubhouse.

Remove everything that was once living in this closet and replace the items with books, stuffed animals that relate to the books, and clever lighting. A second reading nook could be created inside a teepee or indoor tent. Throw in some blankets, comfy pillows, and some twinkle lights for that perfect night time read with your kids.

Fixed Cushion Sofas

If your living room is living up to its name and being well lived in, then you might want to invest in a sofa with some fixed cushions. Not sure why this is past time to some kids, but pulling off the cushion on the sofa is the thing to do.

Imaginations are running wild and the cushions might be needed in fort building or trampoline bouncing. To avoid this and keep your living room looking well-organized, a sofa with fixed cushions is the way to go.

Kid-Friendly Office Space

If you’re having trouble getting your child to do their homework, office space is a great way to get your child to work while keeping an eye on them. This can be a shared office space or one dedicated to the kiddos.

In the office, you will want a low table, crayons, pencils, paper, and other supplies. Puzzles and other toys are great things to have nearby as breaks are needed. Shaggy rugs, varied seating, cork boards, and shelving are creative ways to make the space more organized and inviting.

Have Stools on Hand

If you are looking for your kids to be more involved in the kitchen, have a stool on hand. This provides a careful way for kids to help you cook, clean, or even help themselves to wash their own fruits and vegetables.

This removes the wait time for the kids if you are pre-occupied and is a great way to avoid the climb up on the counter. A stool also provides another great way for kids to access their snacks on lower shelves.