Summertime Backyard Updates

Summertime backyard updates

Summer is the time of year when we really take advantage of our backyards, from bbq with the neighbors, and family swims, to dinner on the patio. Summertime is a great time to really relish in our backyards. However, what if your backyard needs some TLC, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. There are numerous amount of updates and changes you can make to turn your backyard stunning and enjoyable.

Taking the time to update your backyard, will give it that unique sparkle it needs to glisten. You will be amazed at how elka Interiors‘ simple updates will make a world of difference in the appearance of your backyard.

Enjoy the benefits of a newly refreshed and polished backyard with these essential tips

Think about having an outdoor kitchen

It’s always fun to have a summer brunch with a mimosa next to your pool, or a summer night dinner with a glass of wine all in your backyard, but how about actually being able to cook outside? Building an outdoor mini kitchen can add a whole new value to your backyard and its appearance. Preparing summer meals outside, will give you a whiff of the fresh summer air and allow you to engage more with your company as they are with you outside.

Add some outdoor stage lighting

The summer nights are such a fun time to bring together friends and family for an outside dinner. Consider wowing your guests when they enter the backyard with dynamic outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights can make your backyard radiant and highlight your backyard’s best features, from hanging lights that will brighten everything up to floor lights that have the simplicity of giving enough light to illuminate the back walkway. Choosing to light your backyard will give it an enhanced overall sparkling effect.

A touch of new paint

Never underestimate the value of a paint job. When looking at your backyard furniture, you may notice the colors fading. Over time, outdoor furniture may lose its luster from being out and exposed to various weather. This is where paint can revitalize your outdoor furniture and make it look and appear new again. Choose an entirely new color pattern that will complement and emphasize your furniture. You can paint or spray paint your new color scheme onto your outdoor furniture. Check and become inspired by the different designs and color schemes from social media posts.

Plant a garden

It’s refreshing to see a summer garden in a backyard filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. The unique colors and shapes add a vibrant appeal to the backyard. So… pull out your green thumb and start planting some colorful veggies and fruits. From the ruby-red apples to the yellow squash, the back of your home will not only become amplified with an array of colors, but it will also become your own healthy organic wellness center. It’s true you may not be able to enjoy the essence of your hard work planting until next summer; however, the addition of a garden gives your backyard and your entire home a sense of true character and authentic appeal.