Staging Tips That Feel Luxurious

Staging tips that feel luxurious

Staging your home can help increase the value of your home as well as bring back a higher return on the final purchase price. Every home has its own feel and look, which makes staging a home a true art that really requires planning and execution. When you make your home feel more luxurious, homebuyers will be willing to pay a price that matches the lifestyle that they envision. If your home already has a neat and elevated feel, you may benefit from staging your home in a way that makes it feel more luxurious. Try these staging tips that feel luxurious from elka Interiors & Construction.

Sell the Lifestyle

When you’re selling a luxury home, not only are you selling the property, you’re selling a home that compliments a certain lifestyle. You should decorate your home in a way that really accentuates the luxurious and more elegant aspects of your home. Take this as an opportunity to highlight areas of your kitchen that you would expect to see highlighted in a luxury home: the kitchen, the entrance, and the bathrooms.

Use Thick White Linens to Accentuate Comfort

One of the best ways to make your home staging feel luxurious is to incorporate thick, white linens and towels to accent areas in your home that should feel elevated and comfortable. Using white sheets, white towels, and white curtains will always look classy and neutral. Not only will this make your home feel like a spa at a resort, but more importantly, it will make your home feel luxurious.

Decorate With Art

One of the most important staging tips that feel luxurious is elevating your home. Decorating your home with one-of-a-kind art is a great way to make homebuyers feel like your home is luxurious and elegant. While it can be tempting to stage a home with mass-produced wall decorations that feel like art, incorporating an original piece of art will truly make your home memorable.

If the homebuyers enjoy the piece enough, you may even be able to incorporate it into the sale.

Keep It Neutral

Keeping the colors in the house neutral will always be sound advice. The last thing you want is to make your home feel too personalized or too bold. Bold colors will give the buyers a hard time when they try to imagine themselves living there. Stick to white or neutral colors for the walls and decorations that will match the linens and towels that you have used as accents.

Light up Your Home

Dim lighting not only makes your home feel dark and dingy, but it can also make the rooms look smaller than they really are. You can make your home feel more luxurious and larger by incorporating the right lighting. Overhead lighting makes spaces feel larger than it is, so make sure that you keep your home lit and the curtains open when showing your home!