How Room Colors Affect Your Mood

How Room Colors Affect Your Mood

Colors have a lot to do with your mood, feelings, and emotions. Many interior designers argue that colors are associated with people’s emotions and design spaces based on color. The colors we choose for our room reveal the moods we would like to feel. Some rooms are designed to feel calmer, while others are designed to be cheerful or dramatic. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference. Pick a room color you love and can live with for a long time coming. Let elka Interiors & Construction break down a few different room colors that affect your mood.


A calm and serene color is often associated with the ocean or sky. A light blue encourages the feeling of tranquility and removes any tension. This is a great color for the bedroom as it helps calm the mind and eases any tension from the day. A darker blue shade purifies thinking and helps prioritize your life. If you’re considering incorporating a dark blue shade, add accent pieces and focus on your feelings.


The color green represents wealth, growth, and renewal. This is a great color for the bathroom, turning it into a relaxing spa. Green can transform the room by making it feel open and airy. It encourages a cool, stress-free environment that encourages you to unwind and relax.


An intense red can increase a room’s energy levels. It stimulates the mind for excitement, particularly at night. It promotes courage and fearlessness, which is perfect if you want to increase your self-confidence. Start small with this color and work your way up if you’re feeling good. Focus on your mood when you see something red, which might be associated with an angry or intense feeling.


This is a perfect color to add a pop of sunshine to your home. Yellow adds optimism to the home and promotes communication and overall feelings of happiness. Play around with the different shades of yellow to get the right one for your home. Add swatches to different areas and check in on them during different times of the day. The light at different hours will help you get a feel for how the yellow will look in the home. Yellow is said to enhance intelligence and mental agility.


For a very grounding color, brown is the move. It makes you feel down to earth and gives a sense of stability, warmth, and friendliness. Use it sparingly in the bedroom and balance it with other colors in the room. Blue is a great color to combine with brown as earth and water go hand in hand. If a brown wall color is too much for you, brown furniture or pictures work just as well.