What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of arranging and composing a home/property to look aesthetically appealing to potential buyers/tenants with the proper use of color schemes, cohesive decor, and occasional minor fixtures.

Does home staging really work?

According to recent studies, over 85% of staged homes were sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes. Home staging allows sellers to get their properties sold faster, at a higher value, and can come with many more advantages.

Does my home need to be staged if it’s empty?

At elka Interiors & Construction, we specialize in vacant staging (See Vacant Staging). Vacant staging allows clients to rent furniture, decor, and other materials that are needed to successfully transform your space to the best capacity.

Why spend money on a house I’m selling?

Consider home staging as an investment rather than an expense. Investing in professional home staging can amplify your return value on the home you’re selling. Not only does home staging get you more offers, but those offers are most likely higher offers/bids, which means more return profit for you in less amount of time.

Who pays for home staging: the realtor or the home seller?

Generally, the home seller pays for the home staging service. On the other hand, a realtor can offer to pay for a consultation, provide credit during escrow, or agree to other negotiated terms between the seller and realtor.

Can I buy the furniture in the staged home?

You have the power to invest in anything you wish during your home-selling process. For a more affordable option, we offer rental packages (See Vacant Staging) for furniture, decor, and other materials that can be used throughout the home staging duration.

Will I need to buy the furniture and decor during the staging?

We give our clients the option to invest in whatever they wish in their home-selling process. At elka Interiors & Construction, we also offer an affordable option (See Vacant Staging) that allows clients to rent furniture, decor, and other materials to be used throughout the home staging duration.

Can I live in a staged home?

Absolutely! This is also referred to as “Occupied Staging,” where the sellers are currently living in the home (See Occupied Staging).

Can you change the flooring and kitchen before the staging?

elka Interiors & Construction is proud to be a full-service staging and interior design enterprise, including quality remodeling. Our team is highly experienced in minor or major home renovations. From flooring to cosmetic fixtures, we do it best!

Can you remodel and update the home before we stage it?

Yes! The team at elka Interiors & Construction specializes in remodeling and reconstructing, which can come before the home staging process (See Remodeling Page).