Occupied Home Staging San Diego

Our occupied staging services are ideal for sellers who plan to continue living in their homes while they are on the market for potential buyers. We tailor our occupied staging service according to your existing furniture and decor by complimenting their colors, shapes, and style with our own inventory to give the space a modern, fresh look. With our prestigious and talented designers, we showcase your home for that beautiful, first impression to potential buyers. We customize our staging techniques to your home’s unique specifics while highlighting its best features. Our designers are profoundly trained and experienced in the dynamics of color, interior themes (texture, fabrics, etc.), and structure and arranging. Additionally, our specialists are constantly up to date on the latest styles and trends in every type of residential and commercial design. We can quickly solve solutions with our perceptive problem-solving skills to make any space look absolutely amazing.

Enhancing Homes, Increasing Values

At Elka Interiors, we are widely known for our dramatic transformations in every type of property handed to us. If you desire to sell your home, occupied staging is known to sell properties quickly and at a larger value. We understand that every home is different when it comes to the seller(s) currently occupying the space. With an effective game plan, we work with our sellers from start to finish. From organizing and decluttering to detailing and arranging, we bring a fresh and welcoming approach of occupied staging that works for both the seller and potential buyers. It is our priority that you are comfortable in your home while still keeping a clean, modern look to your home for listing. Not only will occupied staging makes a huge difference to buyers first impression, but your property will look amazing in photos for online listing, therefore attracting even more potential buyers to view your home in-person.

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Creating New Perspectives for Potential Buyers

Increase offers and get a higher ROI by staging before going to the market listings with our occupied staging packages. Our creative team brings a modern appeal to the seller’s lifestyle which gives prospective buyers the ability to conceptualize what it’s like to live there. By keeping the home updated and fresh, Elka Interiors can make any occupied space move-in ready. With our years of industry experience and expert staging knowledge, we showcase focal points and the flow of the living space with proper editing and re-arranging. This allows potential buyers to see the value in the home and gives them a new perspective when the space is open and welcoming.

If you’re selling your home on the market while still living on the property, call us today to learn more about our occupied staging services. Generally, we will use your belongings to prepare your home for sale while rearranging, accessorizing, and repairing if needed. We also offer customized solutions if more staging elements are needed. Contact us today for a consultation with our design team and to discuss how we can get your home off the market, at the highest offer, and for the biggest return on your investment.

Picture Perfect Occupied Home Staging

One of the most important aspects of occupied home staging is making sure that everything looks perfect the day that your home is shown to prospective home buyers both in person and through images online. This can be tricky to pull off considering that people are still living in the home. That’s where Elka Interiors excels. Our team will find the perfect balance between lived-in and staged to create a visually appealing experience that entices buyers. This is especially important as more and more prospective buyers turn to the internet to view properties before committing to an in-person tour.