Vacant Home Staging San Diego

At Elka Interiors, we offer customized vacant staging services for homes that have no furniture or decor inside of them. It’s fairly common for families or individuals to move prior to selling their home which forces them to bring along their furniture, decor, and belongings with them into their new living space. Our vacant staging features an option to rent from our inventory of furniture, decor, and materials as we do the service of staging, arranging, and detailing! With our custom, affordable options, Elka Interiors is all about giving life to any space that’s ready to go on the market. We love providing sellers various options to get their home or property sold no matter what their current standings.

Bring Life and Character into Your Space

Did you know that 81% of buyers say home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home? This allows buyers to conceptualize how they want to envision their living space or lifestyle when seeing your home for the first time. Although many sellers find the easy route of leaving their homes blank at open houses or listings, home staging actually sells the property at a faster rate and at a higher bid than unstaged homes. It’s common for people to get the misconception of a “clean, empty” home can sell a lot better because of its “plain” appearance. In fact, home staging is a lot more necessary than you think. You can easily spot flaws in an empty room or space that is not staged. Leaving living spaces empty won’t engage potential buyers and it will leave them thinking nothing of it. Instead, give it character and life with our vacant staging services. Additionally, leaving spaces bare makes the rooms appear smaller than they already are. With proper furniture placement and decor, we give buyers a frame of reference. We have helped thousands of successful real estate transactions and families get their home sold within weeks just by the investment in home staging.

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Help Buyers Visualize Their Future Home

All in all, we stage with a sense of purpose and lifestyle when it comes to our vacant staging packages. Through decor and furniture, we bring back the emotional connections and story of living within that space which buyers are looking for. You’ll definitely see a difference in your vacant home when styled professionally for the market. Additionally, you will also see a difference in the numerous potential buyers that are willing to bid higher than your market price. Vacant staging comes with endless benefits to a home that lacks imagination. With our vacant staging, we take off the stress of you worrying about buying additional furniture and materials.

If your vacant home needs staging materials, professional styling, and a vision, Elka Interiors does it best in the industry! Contact us today to learn more about how you can rent from our collection and how we can arrange your home to its absolute worth. Our leading designers will consult concepts and custom packages that will work for you and your budget!

Creative Home Furnishings

Staging a vacant home is critical if you are to create an experience for prospective home buyers that allows them to more easily envision themselves living there. Vacant homes will lack all of the homely touches that make the property feel inviting and livable. At Elka Interiors, we approach vacant homes and apartments by utilizing creative home furnishings that maximize space in each room while adding the clean, personal touch that prospective buyers respond to.