7 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces

7 Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces

With summer fast approaching and all of us patiently waiting until we can stop social distancing, there’s a lot more time on our hands to decorate your outdoor spaces! At elka Interiors & Construction, we don’t just specialize in staging and decorating the inside of your home, but we also have ways of transforming your patio from empty and cold to warm and inviting!

Here are our top 7 tips to decorate your outdoor spaces!

#1 Decorate With Compact Furniture

The best part about hanging out on a patio is the option to either stand and socialize or sit back, relax, and hang out with your friends. Either way, you’ll need to have furniture to sit on!

We recommend that you decorate your outdoor spaces with compact furniture that doesn’t clutter your patio. You want to have enough seating so that all of your guests always have a comfortable place to sit, but not so much furniture that there isn’t enough legroom to move around if needed comfortably.

#2 Swap out Cushions and Pillows

One of the only downsides of decorating your outdoor spaces is that your patio furniture will be exposed to the elements. It’s not uncommon for pollen, dust, and even bird droppings to find their way onto your patio furniture. This can be an issue if you have decorative pillows and cushions outdoors.

For this reason, make sure that you are always swapping out cushions and pillows for clean ones. This will ensure that your outdoor lounging areas are always slightly.

#3 String up Lights

Whenever you decorate any space, lighting is always one of the most essential aspects. This is especially important for outdoor areas if you want to use them at night.

Stringing up lights is an elegant and easy way to add lighting to your patio. Stings of lights are pretty inexpensive and are readily available in just about any home improvement store.

#4 Install a Patio Cover or Pergola

If your outdoor area isn’t already a covered patio, it would be wise to install a patio cover, awning, or pergola to add some cover from the sun. Patio covers and pergolas can also be decorated with shades, curtains, and vines to add a decorative layer to the structures.

#5 Set up a Hammock or Swing

One of my favorite outdoor furniture pieces is a swinging patio chair or a hammock. This is a fun and stylish piece of functional furniture that you and your guests can enjoy.

#6 Make the Fire Pit a Focal Point

There’s nothing like sitting outside on summer nights next to the fire pit. A fire pit can add a lot of ambiance to an outdoor space. Fire pits are relatively inexpensive and make great focal points for your outdoor furniture.

#7 Accent With Rugs and Greenery

Finally, don’t leave exterior walls and concrete floors looking bare. Adding an accent rug or two to your outdoor spaces will make the floor look more welcoming. Additionally, adding plants and other greenery to the outdoor spaces will add the final touches.

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